Paradise Quest

Paradise Quest

Paradise Quest is an arcade game developed by I-play
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Paradise Quest is an arcade game developed by I-play.
In this game you will take control of the main character who is an ecologist, his name is Dr. Finch and he is trying to recover nature's equilibrium. He travels to the Isabela island and there he finds some strange artifacts, your mission will be to help him solve a fascinating mystery about the island.

You will learn about the story through the first assignment where all you have to do is match some pieces, so you will create lines of three or more wooden pieces and they will disappear from the board. You will be able to have extra points if you collect golden coins which are hidden in all the puzzles.

You will also find challenging mini games, for example an incredible tornado which sucks everything into it, a very helpful map and new surprises are regularly introduced, from sandy patches that hide pickaxes and rafts (which are mandatory when it comes to climbing high walls, crossing rivers and going through other obstacles), to vine bonuses that will let you instantly shift locations on the map.

Another thing that you will find is a diary, which will have more puzzles to solve, some of them are animal's photos that you have to put in order, and you will unlock new destinations for those animals to inhabit.
The environments are great, the visual are awesome and very colorful. You will notice that the sound effects are well done and the soundtrack is nice, but somehow repetitive. The game play is very simple you will only use your mouse.

To sum up, this is an incredible game for all ages and you will enjoy it as much as your kids.

MarĂ­a Noel Balla
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  • Awesome visuals, nice soundtrack and challenging mini games


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